J3 hard at work on their first animation session

Our Germ Making Day by Hannah
On Thursday 6th January 2011 Lizzy and Emily came to our school.  Lizzy gave us some plasticine and we made germs for our animation called Catch it, Bin it, Animate it.  To make the animation we took our favourite germ and placed it on some paper.  We took two photos then we made it move, spawn and attack other germs!

Our Germ Making Day by Elinor

First we sat on the carpet and Lizzy and Emily told us what we will be doing. We were going to make germs, so we made some germs and Jay, Aaron and Tyrese made over a hundred.  We used playdough to make the germs.  Then after that we animated them, we done them in groups.  Then Emily and Lizzy put it all together, it was really quick.  Then I watched the man sneezing, then we watched a kitten film and we made books.

Our Germ Making Day by Tia

On Thursday 6th January 2011 in school I made three funny looking germs.  Firstly two ladies came in, we watched a film called Cough’s & Sneezes.  Secondly the two ladies was talking about germs, they gave us some playdough, after that they sent us to our tables to make germs.  Finally we made a booklet and designed it.  The booklet was for if we wanted to write something about germs, coughs and animation.

Our Germ Making Day by Maya

We made some germs with playdough and I made lots and after we made the germs we were three people in a group and we animated.  We had a web page and we had to say a title for the web page and they picked my one and it was called ‘Catch it, Bin it, Animate it’ and so that’s what it’s going to be.

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