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Roto pixilation

We used a mixture of rotoscoping and pixilation to insert J3 into the archive footage.

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What is Pixilation and what else have we been doing?

After Lunch six kids went down to johns room to do Pixilation. Pixilation is when you use people instead of drawings to do animation. I think it’s a good way to do animation because you can add things to people … Continue reading

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Projecting germs

This is a video of the footage that we were projecting, the children had drawn a half second animated sequence of a germ, and here they are joined up together.  and here are some stills of our sessions in John’s … Continue reading

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More lovely storyboards

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Here are some frame grabs from the light box animation.

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18th January – getting ideas

Today we did a lot of brainstorming for ideas, followed by storyboarding and animating little loops on the light box under a rostrum camera.  The film is coming along very well and J3 have enough ideas for 10 films.  The … Continue reading

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What we did on 13th Jan…..

Jae: On Monday we did our animation. That was the fun part because we got to move them across the sheet of paper. When we got to see the animation my germs looked like they were moving. Guido: Lizzy and … Continue reading

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