The Foyer

This project was held at The Foyer Cambridge, and was offered by Kettles Yard as a part of  Circuit, a nationwide youth programme led by the Tate. This project took the work of Gaudier Brezska in the exhibition ‘New Rhythms’ at Kettles Yard as a starting point. Over the weeks, the group made drawings, animation, experiments with light and optical toys, and the project culminated in a Cicrcuit Takeover event at Kettle’s Yard. Two of the group gained a Silver Arts Award, which is no mean feat. The final Circuit Takeover day at Kettles Yard in July was brilliant, we saw the young people from the Foyer, who have struggled with lack of confidence, anxieties and other physical and mental barriers, come together and show their work, share some techniques and take part in a wider arts project. We felt privileged to have shared the creative journey with them and we are a little bit sad to say goodbye as they go off onwards to the next part of their journey.