Yesterday visitors to Whitton Small Press made some beautiful linocuts based on an old map of Whitton.  For most participants, many of whom are local artists, this was their first experiments with the medium, which makes the results of the two hour workshop even more extraordinary.  Emily and I plan to make one of their edition into a little book.

After school, we had 28 smaller visitors who made portraits of Sir John Suckling out of rubber stamps. Suckling was a well known 17th Century Poet who lived in Whitton.

IMG_0236 IMG_0234 IMG_0232

IMG_0241 IMG_0243 IMG_0244


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Day 2 Whitton Small Press

Today Lizzy shared her Coptic stitch skills and we made some bound books with patterned and blank pages to fill. It was great to welcome our first participants from Whitton in our morning sessions which will be taking place every Wednesday and Friday mornings in November.

We started our first exploration of the giant Praxinoscope and got to grips with the photocopier and its uses within the rich and calm environment that is Whitton Library. Roll  on next Wednesday when we will be getting out the lino printing supplies to make printed pages and covers for our books.

praxinoscope  coptic stit

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The first day of our residency

Emily and I have tidied the cupboard at the back of the library and installed ourselves into it, we come out on Wednesdays and Fridays for the whole of November and recieve visitors, to make badges, books and yesterday we had tea and biscuits too.

IMG_0184 IMG_0183



IMG_0187 IMG_0186

We celebrated the end of the arts award project with Nelson Primary School by showing off all the lovely books that the group had made, and we projected the ABC film of their flip books in the cupboard.  If you didn’t make it, don’t worry, their books will be on display in the cupboard all of November, and the film is here on Vimeo.


IMG_0204 IMG_0202 IMG_0196

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Typing pool


We are pleased to announce that the Whitton Small Press have introduced a new model to their fleet of typewriters. Its the Underwood 315 which has a fetching turquoise carriage and matches nicely with the Whitton Library paintwork.

Do join us on Wednesdays and Fridays in November to try it out!

Visit the Richmond Literature Festival for more details.

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Whitton walking books

w.walkingbooks1 w.walkingbooks2 w.walkingbooks3 w.walkingbooks4

Nelson Primary small press experts finished their Whitton walking books with a Japanese binding stitch. Their rubbings, which they made on a walk around Whitton, look fantastic and make interesting reading.

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Drawing with Nelson Primary School

IMG_9917 IMG_9918 IMG_9919 IMG_9923 IMG_9930 IMG_9933

The amazing group from Nelson Primary School have been tackling flip books from observational drawing, (above you can see their warm up drawings of bee’s, cups and koala bears) Emily and I will be filming their flip books to make into one enormous A B C flipping film.   Last week, in the autumn sunshine, we made a mini tour of Whitton town centre, doing rubbings of all the surfaces that we could find, a sort of texture survey.  We are going to be making all their drawings into books next week.

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Leaflet designs

Emily and I have been designing a leaflet for distribution that could advertise our residency in the library in November.  It happily involved getting all our rubber stamps out and playing around, this is what we’re good at.

whittonleaflet007 whittonleaflet006 whittonleaflet005

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