Monday 24th June


The children drew and painted on 650 exported frames from three of Malcolm’s films, that was 20 each.  Quite a feat.  His films are black and white, to reduce the size of the files.  (At 5000 frames per second, they can get quite big.)  So we added colour and backgrounds for the phantom midges to dance in.  We will re-film them in sequence.

We also wrestled my Acmade compeditor into the classroom, so that we could watch the sequences that the children made on 35mm film stock.  We also brought the splicer in, and that was popular.  We were pleased as punch when Alison from the Sharp End group joined us as well.  Thanks Alison!acmade001sm alisonsm001 drawingsm001 drawingsm002sm drawingsm003sm drawingsm004sm jemimaacmadesm leahs_sm mesm table001sm tablesm

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