What is Pixilation and what else have we been doing?

After Lunch six kids went down to johns room to do Pixilation. Pixilation is when you use people instead of drawings to do animation. I think it’s a good way to do animation because you can add things to people that don’t exist. Everone enjoyed it.- Guido

What we did in the morning. 26th January by Evan: Link
first Emily and Lizzy came in and we watched ‘Neighbours’ and then we watched a film of Daffy Duck called ‘Duck Amuck’
It was really funny. My best bit was when he was hitting a metal block and a pencil rubbed it out and put a bomb there and Daffy started hitting the bomb and it exploded. After that we did we finished our storyboards. Some people put a tie on and also a shirt and were projecting germs on to the shirt and filming it. It looked actually quite COOL.

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