What we did on 13th Jan…..

Jae: On Monday we did our animation. That was the fun part because we got to move them across the sheet of paper. When we got to see the animation my germs looked like they were moving.

Guido: Lizzy and Emily came in again to do the animation project. We sat on the carpet and we saw some pictures of germs and this is a fact:
‘If you get every germ in the world it would make a line from Earth to the end of the known Universe’
After that we went to the tables and drew germs and when we were finished with pencil we went over it with black pen, one was thick and one was thin.The thin one was the pen that scientists use.

Jay: We made drawings and we made a flip book and germ pictures and we watched a movie called ‘Coughs and Sneezes’. We went on a camera and lizzy said she is going to make a cake with germs on it.

Tyrese: On Monday we made Flipbooks and a germ. Then we animatated it. We watched ‘Coughs and Sneezes’ and ‘A Chairy Tale’

Cian: On Monday two ladies called Lizzy and Emily came in and we animated some pictures by changing it a bit each time. Then we made a Flipbook with germs in it. Emily said that mine looked good. Then we looked at some films on You Tube.

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